Andrew Langer

At the same time, we need to take a long, hard look at the impact our regulatory state has on these industries. Nobody is calling for a complete and total dismantling of the regulatory state, but an examination of the scope of federal regulations could produce a reduction in regulatory impacts of ten, twenty, possibly even thirty percent with no negative impact on the health, safety, or general well-being of Americans.

By creating a zero-sum competitive framework with our international trading partners, while at the same time taking careful steps to reduce regulatory burdens that harm American businesses (and the working families that depend on them for jobs and inexpensive products) we can keep this nation economically competitive for the long term, without creating an endless daisy-chain of subsidies and tariffs that are economically unsustainable over the long term and needlessly distort a marketplace that, when left to its own devices, can take care of itself.

The best playing fields, the only fair playing fields, are those that are level. Building barriers only leads to more artificialities. Removing barriers, all of them, is the only thing that is truly fair, and makes the most sense.

Andrew Langer

Andrew Langer is President of the Institute for Liberty, an organization that works to ensure that America stays both exceptional and strong.