Andrew Langer

The nasty truth is, Iowa’s corn farmers aren’t being helped by this either. There’s only so much biodiesel out there to fuel their equipment, and they need real, from-the-ground-sourced diesel to make up that tremendous difference. They’re like all other small business owners, essentially held hostage by congressmen like Sen. Grassley, who talk about skyrocketing gas and diesel prices but seem unwilling to do anything meaningful about it.

People talk about fantastic solutions to the energy crisis, fanciful technologies that will allow us to take fuel directly out of the ground and put it into our vehicles to make them run.

But we already have that fantastic solution, that amazing substance which we can take out of the ground, simply refine it, and then put it in our cars to make them go. It’s called oil. There’s plenty of it, there’s plenty of it here, and we’ve got plenty of space to transform it into a usable fuel. We simply need to go and get it and then refine it right here.

It’s time for Sen. Grassley to stop squeezing American small business for the sake of Iowa’s corn growers. While Texas and Oklahoma and Alaska and Florida and The Dakotas will get great benefits from the increased jobs that will come from increased drilling and refining, Iowa’s corn growers will benefit too. They’ll get high-quality diesel fuel at an affordable price whose stability they can count on. And that reality is worth far more than any ethanol-fueled fantasy.

Andrew Langer

Andrew Langer is President of the Institute for Liberty, an organization that works to ensure that America stays both exceptional and strong.