Andrew Davis

Beer Bottles/Cans May Have No More than One “Enhancement” Feature: The recent addition of enhancement features to beer containers over the last decade has made binge drinking more alluring for at-risk adults and minors. By limiting cans and bottles to just one feature (e.g., “vortex” necks, wide mouth openings, color-changing temperature indicators, secondary “tab”), we can effectively slow the rate of consumption of beer, and reduce levels of intoxication.

Ban Distilled Spirits: When our Founding Fathers had alcohol consumption in mind, they certainly did not intend distilled spirits with high proof levels. Distilled spirits only serve one purpose: rapid, more devastating levels of intoxication. Liquor and other spirits serve no practical purpose other than to destroy lives.

Background Checks/Fingerprinting of All Buyers: It is common sense that all purchasers of alcohol undergo extensive background checks to check for previous alcohol offenses. Additionally, if we fingerprint all individuals purchasing alcohol, we can trace empties back to them if left on the side of highways.

It’s time to get serious about alcohol. As a nation, we must ask what people “need,” versus what is good for the safety of the nation. Sure, tens of millions of Americans responsibly enjoy alcohol each day, but there are those among us who abuse the substance -- falling down, vomiting, ranting like loons well into the night. Clearly, what laws we have on the books now are not going far enough in protecting innocent, law-abiding citizens from these maniacs.

Yes, the source of many of these alcohol-related tragedies can likely be traced back to individuals suffering from addiction and other clinical problems. And, yes, studying the impact of physiological and mental illnesses on alcohol consumption may derive more effective prevention to alcohol-induced tragedies -- but, we don’t have time for that.

We need the psychological comfort of knowing that we did something, even if that something is completely ineffective at prevention. We must act now -- quickly, and without thinking. It’s what Congress is best at, after all.

The best policies (and, agencies) always are those that come from knee-jerk reactions on the backs of national tragedies. The Alcohol Control Act of 2013 may not be the meaningful action we deserve, but it is the meaningful action we need.

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is the former Director of Communications for the Libertarian Party of the United States, and served as the Deputy Press Secretary for Bob Barr's 2008 presidential campaign. He currently lives in coastal South Carolina where he is a marketing consultant.