Amy Menefee

     If you’re not too concerned about global warming, you’re probably a regular American. If you think, however, that it’s on par with World War II as a threat to the nation, you’re the managing editor of Time magazine.

Al Gore’s “We” ad campaign drew a parallel between fighting global warming and storming the beaches of Normandy. Then Time took the iconic photo of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima and replaced the Stars and Stripes with a tree.

“[W]e say there needs to be an effort along the lines of preparing for World War II to combat global warming and climate change,” Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel said on MSNBC April 17. “It seems to me that this is an issue that is very popular with the voters, makes a lot of sense to them …” 

The election year has the media scrambling to put every issue in the context of “voters.” Newsweek’s April 14 issue devoted 18 pages to “Environment and Leadership,” pondering the presidential candidates: “Who’s the Greenest of Them All?” Yet these magazines are out of touch with what real voters are thinking.

Gallup reported April 21 that “While 61% of Americans say the effects of global warming have already begun, just a little more than a third say they worry about it a great deal, a percentage that is roughly the same as the one Gallup measured 19 years ago.”

Two decades of global warming alarmism and activism, and no more than a third “say they worry about it a great deal”? No wonder Gore’s rustled up $300 million to shout at people. The Washington Post reported April 18 that “the economy and the Iraq war are the top two issues on voters' minds, according to the new Post-ABC poll.”

Amy Menefee

Amy Menefee is Director of Communications for Americans for Prosperity.
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