Ami Horowitz

How can we allow this to continue? I don’t know what is more outrageous, the fact that they are behaving like this or the fact that we are enabling this behavior. We are enabling them with our mind numbingly stupid decision to participate in the openly anti -Israel Human Rights Council, we are enabling them by looking to elevate the U.N. ambassador to a cabinet level position and we are certainly enabling them by funding their escapades to the tune of $8 billion in 2010 and which will probably hit $10 billion in 2011. All the while they scoff at our meek requests for reform as we continue to hand over check after check.

As I plunged into that bizarro world that exists behind the curtains of the United Nations, I came into contact with a fascinating cast of characters, world leaders, spies, terrorists and people who had heeded the call of service in the name of world peace to work at the United Nations only to escape the seductive grip of this island of political sirens. The place was driving them to the edge of madness, a place I myself would inhabit as I pursued my investigation into some of the UN’s darkest corners.

It became clear to me early in the process that this journey would involve some risk. Driving through rebel territory in a country split by civil war has never been known as a safe activity. And yet I had never expected that a man would come up to me in the middle of New York City and attempt to blackmail me into abandoning my project with a threat against my family.

The whole reason I had embarked on this film project to begin with was precisely that I cared about my family, and the kind of world we would be living in.

Somehow, I had rattled my stick at the right beast, the same beast that continues, to this day, to keep our world organization confined by the forces of fear. In the end, either the UN is on the side of freedom, or it is on the side of tyranny. This is not a right or left issue, it is right or wrong.

Ami Horowitz

Ami Horowitz is a filmmaker and co-director of the forthcoming film U.N. Me.