Amelia Chasse

Posted May 11, 2013

If one were to describe a scene to the average cable news-watching American in which an elderly, white senior senator lectured a young, Hispanic firebrand about “how we do things around here,” and asked them to guess which party each was a member of, how many would guess correctly?

Posted October 16, 2012

If there’s one consistent strategy Barack Obama’s reelection campaign has pursued, it’s trying to mobilize women on his behalf with rallying cries of free birth control. His tactics have ranged from declaring a literal ‘war on women,’ to evangelizing Hollywood actresses like Scarlett Johansson to blanketing television with ads admonishing women to be ‘scared’ of Mitt Romney.

Posted July 30, 2012

In case you haven’t heard, fellow women, we are at war. Barack Obama’s new ad tells us that “it’s a scary time to be a woman.” According to President Obama, we should vote to give him a second term on the sole ground that under a President Mitt Romney, we may not get free birth control.