Amanda Carpenter

This was the closest any of thee candidates came to directly criticizing the Chairman. Rather, his opponents seemed to veer away from the subject instead choosing to opine about “getting back to principles” and playing up their individual records. Dawson, from a southern ruby-red state, bragged about electing Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, prompting another slight jab Ohio’s Blackwell.

“We all know how hard it is to win elections in that swing state of South Carolina,” Blackwell, considered a favorite among Beltway conservatives, added sarcastically giving Dawson a good nudge.

While no one seemed to willing to hold Duncan accountable Michigan’s Anuzis emphasized the need, and his ability, to hold other Republicans accountable on critical battles by making sure his state Republicans opposed tax increases on a party-line. “We can’t be afraid to stand up,” he said.

Oddly enough, it was Duncan himself who spoke most frankly about this.

“I understand the difference between when we have a White House and when we don’t have a White House,” he said. In his closing statements, Duncan promised he was the “best positioned on Day One…to hold accountable the RNC.”

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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