Amanda Carpenter

A flurry of post-Iowa caucus polls have been conducted in preparation for New Hampshire’s January 8 primary.

Each of the three polls give an edge to McCain. On the Democratic side, the polls favor Obama, with the exception of one which that shows him tied with Clinton.

Here are the details below

REPUBLICANS CNN/WMAR: McCain by 6 points
McCain: 33 percent
Romney: 27 percent
Giuliani: 14 percent
Huckabee: 11 percent
Paul: 9 percent
Hunter: 1 percent
Thompson: 1 percent

DEMOCRATS CNN/WMUR conducted by the University of N.H.: Clinton and Obama TIE
Clinton: 33 percent
Obama: 33 percent
Edwards 20 percent

REPUBLICANS Concord Monitor: McCain by 6 points
McCain: 35 percent
Romney: 29 percent
Huckabee: 13 percent
Giuliani: 8 percent
Paul: 7 percent
Thompson: 3 percent

DEMOCRATS Concord Monitor: Obama by 1 point
Obama: 34 percent
Clinton: 33 percent
Edwards: 23 percent

REPUBLICANS Rasmussen: McCain by five points
McCain: 31 percent
Romney: 26 percent
Paul: 14 percent
Huckabee: 11 percent
Giuliani: 8 percent
Thompson: 5 percent

DEMOCRATS: Obama by 10 points
Obama: 37 percent
Clinton: 27 percent
Edwards: 19 percent

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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