Amanda Carpenter

Hillary’s Clinton’s secret weapon to win the 2008 election isn’t her former president husband.

It’s the liberal media, according to L. Brent Bozell, III, president of the Media Research Center.

Bozell and Tim Graham, MRC’s director of media analysis, document how Clinton enjoys “unprecedented media favoritism” in their new book Whitewash. Bozell and Graham say the “establishment” media makes no secret of actively supporting Clinton’s political ambitions with favorable articles, interviews and news reports.

Townhall spoke with Bozell about his book over the phone last week. Here is the edited transcript of the interview:

In the book you start right away by talking about the Lewinsky affair-

When people think of Clinton scandals that is the most prominent one, but as we point out in the book, it is my belief others are much more serious than that. I believe it is far more serious they were holding the FBI files of 400 Republicans. And as any other scandals involving the Clintons, the media has refused to try to get to the bottom of any of them. They’ve left them all alone.

What new information have you turned up?

Hillary Clinton flat-out lied in her book and the media never called her on it. Probably the most quoted passage in her book dealt with how she was gasping for air, et cetera and et cetera on August 15, 1998 when she heard about Monica Lewinsky. That’s a flat-out lie. Why do we know that’s a flat-out lie? Never mind the fact that’s she’s a woman, back in her Arkansas days, who hired detectives to follow her husband. She knew more about her husband’s philandering than anyone in America, other than her husband. Put all that aside. Look at the date, August 15, 1998. That’s two weeks after the July 29th date. Why was that date important? That’s the date we learned about the blue-stained dress. So, therefore, Hillary would like us to believe that she didn’t know what all of America knew, two weeks after all of America knew it. And she dictated this, actually dictated this passage in her book. Why would she do that? Because this is the same Hillary Clinton who went on national television accusing a vast-right wing conspiracy of having come up with this story about Monica Lewinsky. She tried to blame conservatives for it. So now she had to act the victim. That she had just learned and had no idea. It is documented that it is untrue.

Even though she says things like this, people believe she’s a moderate. Why do you think the media labels her as a moderate? How does she pull that?

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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