Amanda Carpenter

English translations were provided in subtitles and in the subsequent transcripts of the event.

At the debate, held at the University of Miami, Clinton also chastised failed legislative efforts that she said would “criminalize anyone who helped an illegal immigrant, anyone who gave them medial care.”

Last Sunday, Clinton blitzed the Sunday morning talk show circuit to promote the universal healthcare plan she unveiled earlier in the week. When she appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked, “Would illegal immigrants be covered under your plan?”

Clinton told him they “would not be covered, no” but then said she would provide a “safety net” for illegal aliens “for public health reasons.”

“But, we did not cover them in ‘93/’94 and my plan does not cover them now,” she added.

Careful watchers of Clinton’s previous healthcare efforts point out that Clinton also denied her first universal healthcare plan would directly provide care to illegal aliens.

Indirectly, however, her 1993 program would have required employers to pay 80 percent of insurance coverage costs for all employees--illegal and legal workers alike. It also would have dispersed up to $1 billion in federal money to reimburse state governments for funds spent on emergency care for illegal aliens and public health projects.

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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