Amanda Carpenter

The top military commander in Iraq said he “did not know” if the President’s strategy in Iraq was making America safer in a Senate Armed Services hearing Tuesday.

Senior committee member Sen. John Warner (R.-Va.) asked Army General David H. Petraeus if he felt the current “strategy is making America safer” to which Petraeus initially answered it was the “best course of action to achieve” the assigned objectives.

Then, Warner reiterated his question: “Does this make America safer?”

Petraeus replied, “I don’t know. I have not sorted that out in my mind.”

“I have tried to focus on what I think a commander is supposed to do,” he continued. The general said he has not yet “stepped back.”

Petraeus appeared alongside U.S. Ambassador in Iraq Ryan C. Crocker in the hearing. It was the third hearing at which the two have testified in two days about progress in Iraq.

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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