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Barack Obama wants you to believe he is a straight-talking candidate, but he was willing to alter his life story for political gain down in Selma, Alabama. When he went there on the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” he made up a sham of a story about his birth. There, he said his parents fell in love and conceived him as a result of “what happened in Selma.” He said, "There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don't tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama."

The problem? Bloody Sunday took place on March 7, 1965. Obama was born on August 4, 1961.


Michelle Obama recently resigned from the board of TreeHouse Foods Inc., a major food supplier to Wal-Mart. She became a board member in 2005 and was paid $51,200 by them since then, according to tax forms. She said it was because of “increase demands” of her husband’s campaign. More likely, her resignation was because of demands from Big Labor. Mr. Obama has been a leading supporter of the group WakeUpWalmart, a union-backed campaign dedicated to organizing the mega-store and demanding pay hikes for Wal-Mart workers.


This week, Bill Richardson told the Washington Post he hoped to avoid the “Hispanic label.” He said, “I’m not running as Hispanic candidate, but I’m trying to convince Hispanics that I am Hispanic, and they don’t know.” He explained, “I go to Los Angeles, they don’t know I’m Hispanic. When they know, it’s a positive.” Richardson also defended the embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales because of his race. When asked about Gonzales’s management over the firings of eight U.S. Attorneys, Richardson defended him because of his race. Richardson told the media: “The only reason I’m not [calling for Gonzales’s resignation] is because he’s Hispanic, and I know him and like him. It’s because he’s Hispanic. I’m honest.”


Hillary Clinton supports burdensome campaign finance reform legislation. Yet, even with scores of lawyers and staff, she can’t keep up with the laws. When she filed her Senate financial disclosure forms in February she “forgot” to disclose anything about her involvement with her husband’s multi-million dollar charity, the Clinton Global Initiative. Since 2001, Hillary has been a treasurer and secretary of CGI, but she didn’t report her affiliation with the group until the Washington Post discovered the omission. Among those who received grants from CGI was the Dana Blair Foundation. James Blair, husband to Dana Blair, was the one who helped Hillary earn $100,000 profit in a suspicious cattle future gamble thirty years ago.

And, of course---the Edwards story that exemplifies liberal hypocrisy at it’s best:,


Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards ate crow when the San Francisco Chronicle found out he took $55,000 from the taxpayer-funded University of California Davis to deliver a speech on “Poverty, the great moral issue facing America.” This disclosure comes just weeks after the Politico found receipts for two $400 haircuts for the candidate in his first quarter campaign finance reports. When asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer how he might convince the public that he is “not just a rich guy talking about poverty,” Edwards replied, “I’m a have.”

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda Carpenter is the author of “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Clinton,” published in October 2006.
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