Allen Hunt

What is to be gained by such a hasty push-through? There is no other explanation for the accelerated ram-rodding of this repeal by the Obama administration than its mere political expediency. A decision that has significant ramifications on military readiness (which is why the Pentagon was asked to do the review in the first place) has now been made in order to satisfy the president's gay supporters so that a political base can be secured before the November elections. Political motives in a matter of national security and military readiness is bad enough, but creating division within the Joint Chiefs over such a minute matter is unconscionable.

President Obama has created a gaping breach in our key military leaders at a most inopportune time. In an unprecedented move, three members of the joint chiefs of staff broke ranks publicly with their chairman (Mullen). And the fourth member of the team, Marine Gen. James Conway, has already gone on record as opposing the repeal. Dissension now reigns within the ranks of our core military leadership team. Focusing on a minor has created a major problem.

However, it is not merely the breach in our military leaders that should cause concern. It is the distraction that Obama's obsession has created. While waging two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while preparing to attack the Taliban in Pakistan, and while monitoring the situations in Iran, Israel, and Turkey, our military leaders are investing enormous quantities of energy and attention on whether gay persons can serve openly in the military. Think about that for a moment. Multiple theaters of imminent national security threats, and our leaders are debating and squabbling about gays in the military. What is wrong with this picture?

By the most reasonable scientific estimates, homosexuals comprise about 2% of America's population. They likely comprise an even lesser percentage of the military. In other words, our Joint Chiefs have been forced by Obama's maniacal obsession to focus their attention and energy on a tiny portion of the armed forces at a time when those same forces are being stretched more than ever before: Distraction. Division. Obsession. Hello, Captain Queeg.

Sadly, this dissension and distraction is entirely at Obama's initiative. He alone created this conflict. Our president is majoring in the minors. His own security team cannot bring themselves to use the terms “radical Islam,” “terrorism,” or “jihad,” even though those are the categories of the very enemy we are fighting. Instead, our Commander-in-Chief is worrying about something that is minuscule in significance at the expense of matters that carry the weight of life and death.

Unfortunately, we have seen this minor majoring weakness in Obama before: His obsession with health care reform while most Americans clamored for economic leadership. As well as, his vacationing in Chicago and hosting Paul McCartney at the White House while the Gulf of Mexico fills with close to 40,000,000 gallons of oil. Distraction from the key issues at hand appears to be his leadership style.

When it comes to military readiness, such a leadership failure can not only be divisive and distracting, it can also be deadly.

Allen Hunt

Allen Hunt is the host of the natioanlly syndicated talk radio program, the Allen Hunt show.
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