Akash Chougule

Conservatives forewarned about these and other negative effects of Mr. Obama’s signature law, but Nancy Pelosi brushed off those warnings, and told America that lawmakers had to pass the bill so we could see what was in it. Congress passed it, and less than four in ten people like what they see.

With the news about Obamacare getting worse by the day, Democrats have turned their attention to raising the minimum wage, only to have the CBO debunk this ploy, as well. Liberals voiced support for a bill authored by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) that would raise the minimum wage to $10.10, ignoring conservative claims that a minimum wage hike would harm the most vulnerable people in the workforce.

Soon thereafter, the CBO reported that the proposed minimum wage hike would eliminate half a million jobs - mostly for low-wage workers. Moreover, CBO found that only 19% of the wage boost’s benefit would accrue to families below the poverty line.

In addition to poking holes in two key pillars of the Left’s policy agenda, the CBO’s third report exposing the impending shortfall in highway funding made less news, but is equally concerning.

As America’s roads and bridges fill with traffic, the federal government continues to waste money on modes of transportation that few people use. In classic Washington fashion, rather than spending funds responsibly, politicians and bureaucrats have steered resources into projects that have little to do with the original purpose of the funds - and provide even less benefit to the public at large. But instead of cutting and reforming spending, the President called for a four-year, $302 billion transportation bill riddled many of the same systemic flaws.

Finally, in an appropriate end to the month, the CBO reported that despite the President’s $787 billion stimulus package turning five years old, the economic recovery has been slow and inconsistent. They reported that employment has risen “sluggishly,” the unemployment rate is falling largely thanks to the drop in labor force participation, and long-term unemployment remains extraordinarily high. CBO also noted that this recovery has paled in comparison to its previous four predecessors.

The CBO reports of the past few weeks have proven correct conservative warnings about many misguided “progressive” ideas. What’s more, they underscore the need for real, effective limited government reform.

As the truth continues to unfold in the face of liberalism, America must continue to ask why elected leaders are continuing to lead us down the road to ruin. In an economy struggling to recover under the weight of astronomical levels debt and ever-growing government budgets, most people have realized that our country cannot continue down the path of these failed policies.

America deserves a government that does more than pat itself on the back – we deserve a government that empowers us with the freedom to improve the well-being of our families, our communities, and our country.

Akash Chougule

Akash Chougule is a Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity, where he began in November 2013. Follow him on Twitter @AkashJC.