Protecting the Family

In all too many homes, there will be an empty seat at the Thanksgiving table.

First introduced in 1979, Chinas notorious one-child policy was meant to be a temporary means of curbing a soaring population and thus reducing demands for resources like water.

It's been a good month for champions of the traditional family, but don't expect the family wars to be ending any time soon.

In the world of pro-life activism, some pro-lifers have a rather disparaging but also confusing view of abortion victim photos (AVPs) as a tool for pro-life activism.

Do the atrocities against unborn children at the hands of Planned Parenthood recently captured on videotape by the pro-life movement, and circulated for all to see, move men and women of goodwill in all walks of life and positions of responsibility to redouble their efforts to end Planned Parenthoods murder enabled by federal funding? Of course.

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