On the Hill

Recently, alarming news for those advocating for a sensible health care policy arrived courtesy of Politico Pro: The pharmaceutical industry spent more than $50 million on lobbying last year alone. And, if you can believe this, thats an increase from 2014.

Regardless of who wins the presidency this November and it could be a narcissist, a felon, or a socialist Congress must return to normal order.

Democrats "cant name a single witness from the Obama administration they have requested to interview," among other things.

Obama was light on financial details at last SOTU -- there's a reason for that

While the Washington snowstorm dominated news coverage this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was operating behind the scenes to rush through the Senate what may be the most massive transfer of power from the Legislative to the Executive branch in our history.

Senior Democratic House leaders want Pelosi to stay, even as they recognize the need for fresh leadership in their caucus.

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