Judges and Courts

A week ago the Supreme Court turned down an appeal from former Republican Congressman Rick Renzi, who began serving a three-year prison term in February.

The rule of law isn't indestructible. It is corroded by judges who act like superlegislators never more so than when torturing the plain words of the law, forcing them to say what they don't mean.

For the second time, Chief Justice John Roberts breathed life into Obamacare and rescued it from the Constitution.

In the coming days, Christians will be forced to abandon their jobs in public service. Those who remain will be targeted with lawsuits and investigations from activists.

Three years ago, Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, to save a key provision that he believed would otherwise be unconstitutional. Last week he did it again, this time to make the law work better.

As the White House was busy celebrating dual Supreme Court wins last week, symbolically doing an end zone dance and painting the White House rainbow colors as a poke in the eye to Americans who opposed both controversial decisions, Republicans in Congress and the Senate seemed to be caught off guard.

The Heritage Foundation hosted policy and legal experts inside the Allison Foundation to discuss the fallout of Obergefell v. Hodges, where the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal throughout the country.

It is not, but we can still ban it if we wanted to...

The key upshot from this SCOTUS decision is clear: when push comes to shove, the free exercise of religion must give way to the new sexual orthodoxy now enshrined in law.

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