Judges and Courts

Last week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down a secret criminal investigation that featured early-morning raids on the homes of innocent people and indiscriminate seizures of email, documents and personal property.

It's 46 pages long, but till now it's been kept under wraps: the testimony of David Greenglass before a grand jury some six decades ago on August 7, 1950.

The U.S. Supreme Courts decision flies in the face of Creation itself, as well as the Creator.

The man who carried out the Aurora theater shooting that killed 12 people was convicted on all counts of first-degree murder yesterday.

Seventy years after committing his crimes, a former guard at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp was convicted yesterday on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.

Multiple psychologists have confirmed that the conservative author and filmmaker is mentally okay. But the judge has other ideas -- he was a "psychology major."

Like many first-year teachers, I enjoyed no protections despite forced union representation (and paying union dues) since a teachers contract strictly declared that non-tenured faculty could be removed for any reason.

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