Jobs and Economy

The self-proclaimed champions of womens rights, the political left, is once again insisting that a womans right to protect herself from sexual attackers should be regulated, restricted, and in some cases banned.

Many market watchers have their eye on jobs and the unemployment rate as the determinant of when the Fed will hike.

The Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates later this year, and foreign central bank policies may compel it to sell off Treasury and mortgage-backed securitiesreversing Quantitative Easing.

Cronyism, backroom deals, and corruption seem to be the only way things get done in Washington DC anymore. Nick Sorrentino, from, joined the show to talk about DCs crony culture.

Most news sites are just happy to fact check. But CNNMoney wants to have the ability to decide whats real or not. It's understandable because the magic wand and make-believe are the only tools they can use at this point to defend Obamas economic performance.

Unlike a lot of analysts, we've always approached the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is perhaps better known as "Obamacare", from the perspective of personal finance.

Mario Draghi Hit Back at QE Hawks and denied the ECB was blackmailing Greece.

Last week the Fed Chairwoman treated us to a master class of rhetorical misdirection which produced some memorable examples of doublespeak.

Existing Home Sales came in slightly below forecast in part to the ongoing supply issue. As a result, median home prices climbed 7.5% from last February to $202,600.

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