Jobs and Economy

Job growth settled into a more sustainable pace in January and the unemployment rate dropped to an almost eight-year low of 4.9 percent, signs of a resilient labor market thats causing wage growth to stir.

Vanguard Chairman and CEO Bill McNabb discusses active versus passive investing.

The U.S. economy is likely to dodge a recession but good jobs will remain hard to find.

One of Donald Trump's talking points and biggest applause lines is how "they" -- Japan, China and Mexico -- are "beating us in trade" and are "taking our jobs." He proposes tariffs, for example, on Chinese goods in retaliation for that country's alleged "cheating."

When you think of the United States as being free, what comes to mind? The ability to speak your mind? To vote? To live and work where you please? Good answers, but theres another kind of liberty thats easily overlooked, although it affects nearly everything we do.

Once upon an all too familiar time, it was the Jews who were desperate to flee Europe a step ahead of Hitler, but first the authorities took the precaution of relieving them of all their property, some of it still the subject of court cases all over the world.

"We want lawmakers to know that the grassroots expect bold policy action to keep the promise of jobs and if that promise is to be kept, then they must pass right-to-work legislation."

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