Jobs and Economy

Uber may not be a service that suits everyone -- as a woman riding solo, I'm not willing to chance it -- but it has nonetheless exposed impediments to a free market in the French taxi industry.

Larry Summers, Harvard University, discusses the state of Greece's economy as an exit from the EU becomes more likely.

Last week, the Supreme Court sided 6-3 with the Obama administrations interpretation of the Affordable Care Act, ruling the law was written with the intent to provide subsidies through federal exchanges. To put it lightly, conservatives are less than thrilled.

Former Gen. Anthony Zinni, U.S. Marine Corps., on the Greek debt crisis and the potential nuclear deal with Iran.

Elon Musk and his fellow barons of Climate Crisis, Inc. recently got a huge boost from Pope Francis. Musk et al. say fossil fuels are causing unprecedented warming and weather disasters. The Pope agrees and says Catholics must ask God for a positive outcome to negotiations over another UN climate treaty.

Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland and Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum on the state of the markets.

You'd think it would be big news when the economy is shrinking, demand for durable, big ticket manufactured goods is plunging and wages are virtually flat.

CNBC's Steve Sedgwick says that if Greece doesn't deliver, creditors will submit their own proposal as the clock ticks on the debt deal.

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