Health Care

It's the most far-reaching scandal in Washington that no one wants to talk about: Tens of millions of federal employees had their personal information hacked as a result of Obama administration incompetence and political favoritism.

The occasional outcry when something like the Planned Parenthood videos surface will not save the lives of unborn children.

There is a growing sense that the risks of unchecked mental illness are greater than the risks of treatment.

Much ado has been made about Obamacares contraceptive mandate. Democrats wanted to make contraceptives more affordable by mandating health plans provide contraceptive coverage.

When the life of a loved one is coming to an end, it is reported that There isnt a single specific point in an illness when end-of-life care begins; it very much depends on the individual. End-of-life discussions are fundamental in ensuring the needs of both the ill and the loved one.

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