Elisabeth Meinecke

Paul Ryan interacted with reporters from the stage as he and his family participated in a walk-through on the Republican National Convention stage before his prime-time address this evening.

He mentioned meeting Kid Rock and acknowledged a reporter from the stage, but he good-humordly played coy when the reporters shouted out questions asking him to preview his speech.

His three kids and wife joined him onstage to practice the traditional family wave. One of his sons seemed to be enjoying the spotlight, venturing to the front of the stage to wave to the assembled media, while his daughter approached the speaker's gavel and seemed to ponder whether it was worth picking it up (she was encouraged by at least one media member) before deciding against it.

Like an NFL quarterback in the pocket,  Ryan seemed focused but at ease and comfortable through the process, as he prepared for likely one of the most important speeches of his political career.


Elisabeth Meinecke

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