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The left will never realise their error(s). They have no reason to and they can always blame someone else.
I have a term for people like Candy--Marshmellow. When you try to pin them down on a particular logical substantive point they weasle, deflect, make counter accusations, mitigate-but never ever ever admit to doing anything wrong. My refrain for those types of responses is to say something like, "So you feel you handled that exchange perfectly?"
Your repbulican associate lied to you--they are a liberal.
Interesting you note that... The pilgrims almost starved to death because they tried socialism. It nearly killed them all until (I think it was Bradford) said, "YOu don't work... You don't eat." Then everything go better... Imagine that.
Caveat: If everyone gets more $$ then the price of goods go up because people have more money to spend. You end up at the exact same place you started but now, things are all more expensive. At Berkeley Al Gore promised all of us $4000 each year for tution--think about that. 30,000 kids all getting $4000 each. Blonde's pizza, books, tuition etc.. all go up... that $4000 disappears in cost increases. But you knew that.
Not as viscious as the people who re-elected the Kennedy disregarding the life he took for the $$$$$$ he brought to their unions. What does that have to do with leeches of society from Pavlich's retelling of the $168 / day income?
Americans are twice as productive because much of what used to be done manually is done by automation so a single operator can run 3 machines instead of one. there is also much more competition as other countries train and educate their people better than the manufactury of echoes do here in the US for 4X times cost.
You do know the President's administration breaks down crime and drug use and disease and welfare recipients by race right? So who's the racist there?
Not even sure what you are doing.... Are you trying to convince or just taunting and being mean spirited because your such a loving and open minded person?
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