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Michael, Some good comments. I especially like the laity having to wake up. However, I wouldn't describe faithful Catholics as 'conservative' or 'liberal'. It's truth or not, orthodox or not. Just saying...on a political blog that can be misconstrued.
But it is in this world that the Church, the Vatican, and its flock have to show that they can be allowed into Jesus's Kingdom. So our faith is an active faith. Not one that we're afraid to show.
Liar! Don't post such outright falsehoods. Do a cursory study of this Pope and you will see how holy he is and charitable to Jewish people he's been. If you oppose the Church's stance then discuss it like a rational adult. If not, then don't resort to hate.
One can like cars but not cars that lack seatbelts and can cause death to innocent drivers. One can like food but not food that's uncooked, raw and can get one sick and potentially kill. One can like books but detest books that communicate disgusting themes and morals. The Catholic Church can be for healthcare for all but oppose any healthcare reform that's immoral (kills babies) and unethical (forces religious institutions to violate their conscience). If you feel the bishops have gone wrong about this; then fine. Some bishops have been too friendly with politicians and not vociferous enough about Church teaching. The distinction is clear though. The Church will be fine with healthcare that's moral, ethical, and narrow in scope (I hope).
I see you don't dispute my point. So Christianity is the most charitable sect of people in the world. Semantics can be a tricky game. The Catholic Church is for healthcare for all because of the core belief that every human life is scared and has dignity. I'm not sure what your definitions of universal vs. social healthcare are. That's the Catholic Church's stance. One which is not loyal to a government but to it's holy mission.
You make no sense. The Catholic Church has helped more people than any other insitution in the world. It's not even close. You sound silly opposing that. If non-Catholics are joining the fight with Catholics to oppose the HHS mandate (which I believe the "we are all Catholics now" line comes from) then that's great. Christianity (Catholics and non-Catholics alike) provide more charity and plain old assistance than any ... anything.
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