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25 Examples of What America Would Be Like if We Were All Christian Conservative Tea Partiers

leonard32 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 2:22 PM
So after resisting the Tea Party movement since its inception, now you christian conservative types want to absorb it for your own religious purposes. (See Hawkins items 17-20.) NO THANKS! Government needs to be barred from our bedrooms and to disengage our entanglements in foreign affairs. This can only be accomplished when the Repuplican Party is purged of your CC thinking. So either support the TP or just get out of its way and they'll bring America back to how our founding fathers really intended our system of government to be: Without meddling in other countries internal issues, and certainly without the threat of having your Christian religion shoved down all American throats.
Shufflegroove Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 3:36 PM
"...shoved down all American throats"? Wow. Hyperventilate much?

Here's a little-known story:
A passenger on the Titanic noticed people leaving their cabins, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. While he was wandering through their rooms, a crew member noticed him and thought he must be looking for a way out. So the crewman tried to show the passenger the way to safety; but the man screamed at him. "Leave me alone! Keep your ideas to yourself, and stop shoving them down my throat!" The sad thing was that he never stopped to think about why the direction he was going suddenly seemed uphill.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 4:03 PM
Hyperventilate? At this level of debate?

Not really. Only when i used to used to think i was a "Conservative" until i learned the corrupted meaning Christian-Americans attach to it. History shows that religionistas of all stripes, once they achieve unfettered power, do a lot more than throat stuffing any independent thinker they stumble across. (e.g. Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, etc)

But speaking of HYPERVENTILATING, ever notice the accelerated respiratory rate theistic Conservatives display when they find a NON-BELIEVER in their midst?

Shufflegroove Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 4:32 PM
Forget "religionistas" (nice word), I think that "unfettered power" comment applies to all humanistas. Oppression is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of religion. History shows that unfettered power gained by virtually anyone is bad news. Those countries who most vocally opposed religion and embraced atheism are the most profound examples of crimes against humanity in history. The communists in China and the USSR in the 20th century killed many more people than the Crusades, Inquisition, and Salem Witch Trials combined.
Shufflegroove Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 4:34 PM
Religion must have hurt you very badly at some point, and that is regrettable. I've been there, too. I hope things get better for you.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 9:43 AM
little known story, shuffle? please cite your source, or just admit that your story is about as real as that story of your imaginary friend in the sky.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 9:55 AM
i was mostly with you with your first three sentences but then you lost me with the incorrect comparison of atheist & religious dictator atrocities. first, religionistas usually try to "forget" that hitler was a catholic with an assist from pope pious, another anti-semite.

second, when the atrocity totals are compared on a per capita basis (with the populations of the times), there's no doubt in my mind that the medieval popes were the biggest butchers in name of their gods in all history.

third, the atheist butchers did their dirty in the name of politics for the most part, not religion.

in any case, i think we both can agree, a pox on all butchery be it religious or otherwise.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 10:26 AM
religion never really HURT me. but i found it CHALLENGED my credulity what with its cockamamie fairy tales; especially the christian ones about a virgin birth (still brings a tee-hee to my lips when i think about it, today) and the "main man" returning from the dead after three days. give me a break.

if these stories weren't crammed into defenseless children's heads, i think they could grow up to be more rational and less neurotic people. those tales made no more sense to me than taking as gospel the story of goldilocks and the three bears.

but thanks for your quickie psych evaluation, anyway.
ConcealedCarry Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 2:29 PM
Truly a stupid comment. And I think you actually mean every stupid word of it.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 3:28 PM
you betcha i mean it, concealed.

and precisely WHAT is it you you find about my comment that is stupid? without precision in your comment, all we're reduced to is your muddy attempt to add heat to our debate without shedding light.

but then that's been the pattern of many cultist thinkers no matter they be from the right OR left in the political spectrum.
rickmcq Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 3:48 PM
"precisely WHAT is it you you find about my comment that is stupid?"

Other than the inability to locate the Caps key, I find the following to be stupid-

"after resisting the Tea Party movement since its inception" - In the real world, most of the TEA Partiers I know ARE 'Christian Conservative types,' who have provided consistent support since Day 1.

"Government needs to disengage our entanglements in foreign affairs."
So the US goes isolationist again?

"... the threat of having your Christian religion shoved down all American throats."
That "threat" exists only in your fevered imagination.
leonard32 Wrote: Aug 04, 2012 9:37 AM
"Other than the inability to locate the Caps key, I find the following to be stupid"

ooh. ouuchhh! you got me there, rickmcq.

"most of the TEA Partiers I know ARE 'Christian Conservative types"

YOUR acquaintances may be CC types, but the tea party is NOT CC. it continues to buck CC repubs just as strongly as it fights dems in general.

"So the US goes isolationist again?"

that's the right direction, or don't you find us having more than 900 military bases world-wide and acting as the world's police a good thing?

"That "threat" exists only in your fevered imagination"

last i checked my temp is 98.6 and the supreme court 'imagines' we have excessive christmas in our lives, too.

happy holidays.

If every American was a Christian conservative Tea Partier...

1) …There would be fewer regulations, lower taxes, a business-friendly environment, and a much smaller government that would lead to considerably stronger economic growth and job creation. In fact, we'd probably have to dramatically increase the number of work permits we hand out to foreign workers, not because there are "jobs Americans won't do" (which don't actually exist), but because so many Americans would be employed that we'd have to bring in more people to do all of the available work.

2) ...The richest Americans would have...

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