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treason is citizens trying to overthrow the government. what is happening is government overthrowing the people. that is called democratic party politics. when will we see our elite criminals wearing orange jumpsuits? when pigs fly.
that was the basis for the Reagan amnesty. you want to do it again?
who are the real saboteurs of immigration "reform". that's easy. the illegal invaders are. they are warning the legal population daily that it is suicidal to "reform" immigration. it is also suicidal to continue to ignore our laws. don't rely on opinion at this site--other than trolls--courtesy of the democratic lie machine, people here are able to think. go to some other site. take yahoo, for instance. people there prove daily that they are morons, yet even there, opinion is 4-1 against the illegal invasion of our nation. even in lamestream media sites, opinion is heavily against the illegal invasion. it is only our criminal elites and our traitorous politicians who promote and protect the illegal invasion. it is time to put some people in prison for a long time, and I don't mean the illegal invaders. we could start with barack Obama, holder and bush. life in prison for a few thousand of our top immigration traitors, and suddenly the invasion would stop.
"most americans want something in between". most americans are wards of the government. most americans are too stupid and lazy to earn a living. most americans are ignorant. most americans voted for Obama. dude, if "most americans" want it, a wise person (as opposed to a wise latina) would NOT want it. in a time when most americans are too stupid to vote against their own mortal enemies, we would be better to rely on laws passed in an earlier age, when stupidity was not the rule. ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, AS THEY ARE, and leave immigration "reform" until the majority of americans are not wards of the government.
jeb has revealed what we suspected: he is an advocate of the replacement of our legal population with invading foreigners, AT OUR EXPENSE!!!!!!!! his father did nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration. his brother welcomed anyone who wanted to invade our country for 8 long years, even facilitating muslim immigration. NO MORE BUSHES. NO MORE CLINTONS. NO MORE OBAMAS. NO MORE TRAITORS. sorry for the redundancy.
the castration of women? no. that would keep them from breeding like rats. what they remove is their clitoris, so the women don't enjoy sex. then the men don't have to worry about infidelity. then they beat them so they will submit to sex. so they can breed like rats. why do American feminists not see anything wrong with this? easy. feminists and muslims are natural allies. they both hate infidel men. the feminists are too stupid to recognize that the enemy they call friend and ally is their worst nightmare. they truly deserve the fate they are welcoming. the rest of us do not.
go back to huffpo. they are trained to believe your bs there. people with muslim names who kill people are killers. they may or may not be muslim. muslims who kill people are muslims, just doing what the prophet (peace be upon him) instructed good muslims to do, for the glory of their god, allah, the merciful. you see, allah, while merciful, is so pathetically weak that he cant even do his own killing. he has to get human fools to kill for him. the god of the old testament, on the other hand, is very good at mass murder. unfortunately for his believers, however, he is just as likely to mass murder his own believers as their enemies. on the whole, you cant blame muslims for worshiping their weak, pathetic god. at least he doesn't mass murder his own believers. where Yahweh and allah are equal, however, is their complete disinterest in science. in all those centuries of prophets who conversed directly with god, and allah, you would think that just once, god/allah might have said, hey, about that sun thing...........the earth revolves around it, not the other way around. or instead of "you must worship me", maybe just once the supreme being could have said, about that plague thing.............get rid of the rats and their fleas. that would have been useful, instead of instructing people how many steps they can walk on the Sabbath. or exactly how to say prayers over an animal they intend to eat. instead, it is all, "don't touch that ark, or you will be struck dead (unless you are a priest)", and "you must sacrifice animals to me", and "you must murder anyone who doesn't worship me the same way you do". there are lots of ifs and buts. don't lets worry about insulting islam. everything insults islam. no one with any sense all would do anything but insult islam. it is vile, evil, and ignorant. but at least allah, the weak, doesnt kill his own people. he lets them do that themselves.
they don't have to go to court. they just take what they want. if you wont pay, they loot your bank account, or an stocks or bonds you may own. irs is much worse than armed robbers. even an armed robber cant send notice to your broker to sell your stocks and send the robber the money. the irs does, and they do not require a court order. they just take.
better do some research. "slight" underpayment will get you big penalties.
1. wait until 2017 and hope that a republican is president. omg, are you really that stupid? republican presidents have a track record of being just as criminally compliant with the illegal replacement of our legal population by invading foreigners as democrats. the probability of a republican who is in favor of enforcing our immigration laws being nominated is about equal to the probability of a democrat who is not a mortal enemy of America being nominated. the invasion of our country, and the replacement of our population by foreigners is the only truly bipartisan thing in Washington. the criminals in control of both parties have agreed to replace our legal population with foreigners. democrats betray us for a temporary political advantage. they want to rule our country in its death throes. republicans betray us because they are stupid and cowardly.
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