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there is really only one issue of any importance anywhere in the west: continue the surrender to Islamic invasion and the grooming for genocide, or not. where is the "center left" party on that one important issue?
low information voters are not that much of a problem. if they are truly low information, they will not know which is the worst candidate, and will not be able to vote incorrectly. even low information candidates, whom low information voters seem to prefer, are not an insurmountable obstacle. the problem is wrong information candidates, of which there is no shortage, and they cannot be educated.
Wilson is not guilty of violating any law in the thugecution. he may not even be convicted. he will certainly be punished. while the mobs howl for the blood of a (this time) innocent man, police all over the nation continue a crime spree, and they are almost never prosecuted, let alone punished. the mob ought to wise up, and seek prosecution of real police crime, which is rampant, and stop howling for injustice.
any nontreasonous president would have ordered that no one from Africa be allowed into our country. our treasonous "president" gleefully invited ebola to ravage our population. there was a time when we shot traitors. now we worship them, praise them, obey them, then give them a lifetime luxury retirement and permanent secret service protection.
is there some way we could get him to skip all his briefings? the only way he will ever do something right is if he does not know what the wrong way is. recall, he at first refused to join in on the attack against qadaffy, but then when he discovered that attacking qadaffy was the wrong thing to do, he immediately joined in. please. keep him as ignorant as possible.
lets see. cassius clay-----muhammed ali................cat stevens-----------------yusuf Islam..................................barack Hussein Obama-------------------------? what is your muslim name, barry?
vigilantes have always had trouble with the innocent until proven guilty thing.
a real commander in chief, as opposed to a muslim in chief, would put a label on it. the label would be "the reason I am issuing an executive order expelling all muslims, both home-grown and imported, from our country". that is what a real man would do. or a president that is not a traitor. or a chief executive that is not an enemy agent. even our traitor in chief might do it if he knew for sure he would be impeached and convicted if he didn't. ok, liberals. you control the democratic party, and ISIS has beheaded two of your own. sometimes when you feed the crocodile, it eats you first. what is your plan? keep on supporting your enemies, and hope they behead you last? or join the resistance?
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An Open Letter To Moderate Muslims

curmudgeon10 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 12:27 PM
a letter to santa claus would make more sense than a letter to moderate muslims. there might be a santa claus.
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