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Paper, Plastic or Cloth: Which Bag is Best for the Environment?

barry1817 Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 1:02 AM
And the funny question that never gets an answer is why if both plastic and paper are free, that when California looks to ban plastic they want to charge for paper. Seems that nobody knows why the cost, where the money is going and who gets let alone why the markets don't get to make the decision as to costs.
Greg1084 Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 2:00 AM
It's because markets don't do anything that people who think only in concrete terms can see. In their eyes there really is no such thing as a market. Some one or some thing has to be in control. It's just like when Gorbachev asked Thatcher who saw to it that "the people" in England had enough food to eat. Think about the childlike simplicity of that question. If no one was doing it, it couldn't be done. I wonder what went through that little mind of his when she matter-of-factly stated that it was no one's business to see that enough food was produced, and that it was the job of the market. It is this kind of thinking writ large that we have to overcome. Daunting.

Which is the most earth-friendly: paper bags, plastic bags or cloth bags?

The answer to the question depends upon whether or not you really believe in science, because as they say in certain environmental activist circles, the "science is settled"! Here's the summary description of the bag found to be the best for the environment, which is defined as being the bag with the least negative impact upon the environment, as found in a very recent and thorough study on the topic: