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so where are the race hustlers sharpton and jackson telling us about lives matter, or is it only an issue when they can attack an entitly that can be sued and has funds to be taken by these sorry excuses for humans.
so once more our race huckster president is going to try and dredge up cases that had nothing, repeat nothing to do with racism, but let's not bother our silly little heads about him lying to the public, promoting his racist and muslim agenda, when we can have ignorant, poor illiterate people loving him for giving them their obammy phones. And when do we the taxpayers, the people working and paying taxes get thanked for our largesse. Right it isn't our money so shut up and pay your fair share, whatever that means, because nowhere can I find it fair that I paid more in FEDERAL INCOME taxes than130,000,000 other people combined that want to live on my sweat and toil
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Saturday Night Live Skit Mocks ISIS

barry1817 Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 12:18 AM
so ISIS is supposed to be off limits. Maybe we better kill them off quickly before they destroy ancient artifacts, priceless antiquities--too late they are doing that Maybe we better kill them off before they rape and sell into sexual slavery women. oops too late they are doing that mnaybe we should kill them off before they beheld journalists and christians, too late, maybe we should kill them before they burn to death live human beings, oops too late. maybe we should kill them off before they throw gays from rooftops oops too late. Guess we should just let them be, and oooh scary making fun of them. how terrible. That must be even worse than water boarding.
dems can't win on ideas and facts, so they must attack the person.
so let the media cover him for a couple weeks with puff pieces and he can be the new B.O.
and who are these 3 people that voted for this and why do they hate Americans and want to control others so badly. Oops they are dems, and dems want control and ability to tax and tax so they can spend more.
draw the line I am terribly sorry that I accidentally hit the flag button, There is nothing in your post that is offensive, and I can't do anything but apoligize to you and to let others know that you said nothing that should have been flagged.
congratulations to the voters that elected this woman, now they need and other states need to continue to rid the country of those people that are self interested and put more Mia's in office.
boy do dems get in a tizzy when one uses hard facts and math.
dems are situationally and ethically challenged. that about says it all about their belliefs and policies.
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