Ruben Navarrette Jr.,

Posted November 19, 2006

There are those who claim the in-vogue idea of municipalities banning landlords from renting to illegal immigrants is cruel, inhumane and heavy-handed. But, for me, the real problem with such bans is that they're dishonest, misdirected, and destined to fail.

Posted November 15, 2006

At the core of this squabble is a simple question with no simple answer: Who does more -- Mommy or Daddy?

Posted November 09, 2006

Now that Democrats have taken control of both the House and Senate, questions are being asked about what this dramatic turn of events means for the immigration debate and for President Bush's chances to get a comprehensive reform package through Congress.

Posted November 08, 2006

Mexican President Vicente Fox recently raised eyebrows north of the border when he said that Mexicans ought to be grateful for their heritage and asked them to imagine what life would be like had they been born in -- gasp -- the United States.

Posted November 05, 2006

We may have just witnessed the end of what was expected to be John Kerry's encore bid for the White House. Chances are the former Swift boat captain will not be reporting for duty as the Democratic nominee in two years. And for that, the country can be grateful.

Posted November 01, 2006

Members of Congress were content to huddle around President Bush last week as he signed a bill calling for 700 miles of fencing on the U.S.-Mexican border. The photo-op was intended to fool us into thinking that something has been accomplished in the area of border security.

Posted October 29, 2006

Obama is an appealing politician with big ideas and a knack for seeking consensus. I know he's only just arrived on the national scene, but experience is only one ingredient in the recipe for what makes a good leader.

Posted October 22, 2006

There are Americans who believe that this is still a country of unlimited opportunity for those who work hard and sacrifice. And there are others who are convinced that the deck is stacked against working men and women.

Posted October 18, 2006

Democrats in Congress bristle when Republicans accuse them of wanting to "cut and run" in Iraq. But here at home, in terms of the politics of the war, that's exactly what they're doing.