Put Jack Lew Under Oath

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: May 19, 2013 2:41 PM

In an interview with Al Hunt, Jack Lew -- now Treasury Secretary and President Obama's Chief of Staff from January 2012 until this spring -- indicated that he knew about the IRS investigation last autumn (i.e., before the election).  

JACK LEW: Al, I learned the substance of this report last Friday when it became a matter of public knowledge. Before that, in mid March, I had had a conversation, just a getting-to-know-you conversation, with the inspector general right after I started, and he went through a number of items that were matters they were working on. And the topic of a project on the 501c3 issue was one of the things he briefed me was ongoing.

I didn’t know any of the details of it until last Friday. When I learned about it — from the moment I learned about it, I was outraged. The Secretary of the Treasury, as a citizen, it is a matter of the highest priority that the IRS be beyond suspicion in terms of its (inaudible).

AL HUNT: Did Tim Geithner or Neal Wolin or the general counsel know about it before him?

JACK LEW: I think that there was — the heads-up that I got was something that was a matter of public knowledge. It was posted on the IG’s website in the Fall of 2012. I believe that other is typically the practice that an inspector general notify the agencies when matters are opened. I was not aware of any details. My deputy was not aware of any details until it became a matter of public knowledge.

The questions ask themselves:

(1) What was the "public knowledge" that was allegedly posted on the website in 2012 -- how did Lew see it but so many members of the MSM (and the public) didn't?

(2) Exactly what did Neal Wolin tell him -- and when?

(3) When he received this "heads up" about the possibility of partisan abuse at the IRS, did he inform the President?

(4) If so, what was the President's reaction? If not, why not? Was it deemed insufficiently important?

(5) If so, what was the President's response?

Remember, Lew was President Obama's chief of staff.  Are we really to believe that he heard this news and never communicated it either to the President or to his campaign -- even knowing the political cataclysm it would cause if this explosive information became public before the election?

It's sad to say, but no honest answers will be forthcoming unless Jack Lew is put under oath.