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LogicDesigner wrote: It seems that John Ransom is at it again. I can just see his thought process. "Oh dangit, the GM has lowered the price of the Volt and now they had a record sales month. I better find some way to spin this story into how the Volt is an utter failure! If anyone disagrees with me I'll just call them a troll and question their conservative credentials!" (It seems John also deleted his comment where he called one of his critics a troll and accused them of pretending to be a conservative). "Someone should give me a Pulitzer Prize for my outstanding journalistic integrity- Chevy Volt Heads for Fiery Crash

Dear Comrade Logic,

Logic? That’s kind of pretentious for a guy who doesn’t use any facts to rebut my article, don’t you think?

But what would liberals be without their pretenses? 

I don’t delete comments on or Townhall Finance. I don’t have time to moderate the pages as I did in the past. In fact, I just asked the moderator to lighten up on deleting posts because I like the debate.

But as you know, your comrades have spent time mucking up the pages with off-topic posts, trolling their way on page after page, writing vile retorts often laced with sexual overtones and racism. Like liberals everywhere, they ruin it for all of us and the claim “Who? Me?”

GM HAS lowered the price on the Volt with incentives, that may of may not be temporary. As I wrote in my article, they did it because despite a record year for car sales, Volts sales were only up year-over-year by 1.7 percent according to the company as of end of May 2013. They were looking to go into the 2014 production year in July with 9,000 extra Volts in their inventory.

That’s even after idling production several times because Volts weren’t going out the door fast enough.

According to Inside EVs that’s almost 40 percent of the Volts produced in the model year 2013 through the quarter ending in March. In 2013 the company had produced 23,107 Chevy Volts in three quarters of production.

“But fresh inventories, and a national $3,000 off rebate program didn’t help the Volt much in March,” writes Inside Evs, “as year-over-year sales fell for the first time ever, by 35%.  In March of 2012, GM sold 2,289 plug-in Chevys.”

It wasn’t I who said that GM’s Volt program was threatening to get “unplugged,” but rather NBCNews, which is NOT a conservative news outlet.

John Ransom

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